ears are pierced!

Miss Thang got her ears pierced! Her friend Ava chose to incorporate ear piercing into her 10th birthday party and roped a few of her friends into the event too! Bruce and I said YES because Kate is very responsible and we had faith she would take good care of them…


back to school!

With mixed emotions this morning, we went back! Bruce and I cannot believe they are now both FULL TIME!


kiawah 2016

We had another successful summer family vacay in Kiawah. It was fun, actually relaxing (thanks to the pool, bunkhouse and kids getting older), and overall joyous and happy. Here are my fave pics from the big camera!

And here’s the long awaited movie of the year!!

Kiawah 2016! from anne willette on Vimeo.

kate is 9!


She’s a “pre-tween” as I like to say. Our little pookie has reached the big 9. She is full of spunk, independence, determination, stubbornness, sass, passion, thoughtfulness and vigor. She loves to be silly with her sister and friends. Kate likes to perform in any capacity. Kate thrives in situations that allow her to be in charge of herself and probably others too. She likes to be on her own creating and organizing. Kate challenges herself. She also likes to challenge her parents :). Kate currently loves gymnastics, dancing and swimming. Also, with a push from her parents, she likes golf and basketball ;). We are so proud of Kate and love watching her turn into such a big kid.

We had a very small movie party (and then to Dean and Deluca for milkshakes) for Kate with her best buds…


hip hop & clown camp

This was the BEST camp I think we have ever sent the girls too. They not only had a great time, but had such an impressive program to show for it! We LOVE Rhythm Dance (Matthews). I hope they can go back!


And the video from the show!

hip hop & clown camp! 2016 from anne willette on Vimeo.

around the house

Thanks to the Williams girls, Kate & Eve discovered a dance with me app on “kids youtube”…


{typical daily life for eve…make believe (usually involving imaginary friend millie), dress up and just creating an “eve world}

Dusted off the old Lensbaby for a whirl (Kate practicing with BW in backyard)…


More of Eve’s World… (making a dessert and in her relm)


some food photog (chopped salad in the making)

ode to norman

While we were in Florida, we got the very unfortunate news that our beloved Norman, our Bud, our Buddy passed away. We continue to be very sad about losing our Bud. Stanley is still grieving as well. My dad said it best (as he has lost several best buds)…”it’s a hole that will never be filled.”

Here is my tribute from Instagram:

“This week we lost the best bud you’d ever meet. Norman came into our lives before we were even married. He taught us lessons about being happy and living life in the moment. He taught us about loyalty and appreciating the simple things. We are having a hard time letting go of our Bud and so is his best friend, Stanley. This is the last picture I took of Norman. He loved to dig and bury our shoes. You can see the dirt on his nose…his signature look. We can still hear his tail wagging and pounding on the floor every time he hears one of our voices. We can still feel his warmth and love in our house and see his image looking over our yard. We will miss this special guy more than I even thought possible. We are so grateful that he found us and we found him.”


Here are some recent pics I took of him for Williams website…