eve’s 7th!!

Our little big shot ;) turned SEVEN!

Eve is her own person. She is sensitive and thoughtful. Evie is a smuggler and a love. Eve also loves hard and cries hard :(. Boops has lots of friends in school (boys and girls) and is super into her singing! We hope she keeps it up! She sings around the house NON stop!

She had a fun party with her fave peeps at build a bear!


{eve’s awards and kate’s season}

Eve worked hard on making “paper plate awards” for Kate’s basketball team banquet. We had a pretty good season. I had to miss some as did Kate for gymnastics. We also had a larger team this year and it was hard to get a groove. Here are the award shots at least. I can’t believe we forgot to get a team pic. There are a few on instagram :). Kate got the most determined award…she was a feisty poobug! DVG_9930DVG_9928DVG_9925

disney #4

Our final day was spent at AK (animal kingdom). We had a ball…



so sad to leave…


until next time…

disney #3

most of this day was spend cheering on poobug at her meet. she did fantastic scoring over 36!


disney #2

another fun batch …


disney #1

It’s been a few (or more) weeks since we took another epic trip to our fave place. Here are the first batch of pics…


kate, the dancer

Kate has always loved to dance. I am trying to get the girls into extras that bring them joy/something fun besides their norm, so we found a dance class mid year that had room for pookie. She’s is loving it. This is from parent observe day…