eve is 4

This crazy, spirited, funny, talkative, bossy, competitive, silly, temperamental, snuggly love of a child is FOUR, and she is demanding to be treated as such! (She has to do everything like a big kid…well except quit sucking her thumb). Eve at four is so fun and also challenging. She pitches fits and demands to get her way LOTS. So much so, that we give in to her much more than we should. She is still a cuddly snuggle girl. She LOVES to draw, sing, be active, yet watch t.v. (lots!-we call her the t.v. junkie). She looks up to her big sis soo much and is visibly down and out when Kate is not treating her nicely and so excited and on top of the world when Kate is sweet to her (which she is usually is more sweet than not?). Eve is like Kate in the art department. She and Kate both still love “arting.” Here are some of her latest masterpieces…
{this is kate…love the pant stripes, hands and freckles}

{“just a person” love that the sky fills the whole page “because that what’s kate does” also the cheeks!}

And this is my fave…”The Ratterrees”:
{uncle ben, tia tia, andy, m.e. & bets}

Eve had her birthday party at an art studio. Very cute…
{i was very proud of the cupcakes i made}

{they painted butterflies…orchestrated by eve’s demands}



Nana was in town to help celebrate!!

A few video clips of 4 Eve…
Eve can do the monkey bars now! I didn’t get her all the way (but she can), finally whipped out the phone when she was pretty tired…

Eve LOVES to sing, dance, create songs/ music, etc. Here’s just a typical Eve song…

Quotes have building in my phone. Here they are (since Oct!!):
One of Eve’s blessings: “Thank you for our hair, thank you for our food, thank you for making us beautiful.”

“I hope my babies will be fine!” (Eve turned to me while we were relaxing in Disney at the Floridian pool and asked this)

“You don’t have to always shake it down” (this was from Kate towards me…oops bad dancer much?)

“The funnest thing for Nana was watching us have fun, right?” (Eve, very observant re: Disney trip)

I was lecturing the fighting sisters one time and said be grateful you are together now because one day you won’t be and Eve said “Kate! Don’t get a tattoo in college!” (per mine)

Eve: “Is Mickey Mouse in charge of the whole wurld?” Me: No, just Disney. Eve: “Than who, God?”

Kate: “Eve you are getting funnier in the winter.” HA!!

Eve: “Melvin is in the SUGAR ROOM!” (our elf was in the powder room-another ha)

Eve: “I don’t like it when daddy calls me bean bag…because it’s so annoying!”

Eve to me: “You have the biggest ninnies in the wurld!” HA

Eve: “Mommy, who’s your boyfriend?” (Bruce smirks and clears his throat).

Eve to me in bed: “You’re one of the lazy moms…you’re the laziest mom in Charlotte!”

Eve to me in the car: “Mommy, were me and Kate alone when you and Daddy didn’t have kids?” AWW

Eve to me re: her baby dolls: “Mama! they are not toys they are kids!! They are cute little babies.”

Angry Eve to me: “You are the baddest! I can do whatever I want!”

Eve after seeing Kate’s solar system drawings, “Kate’s a genius!”

Eve when seeing a big hill…”KATE! that’s a brilliant hill for sledding!”

Cheers to FOUR!

3 Responses to “eve is 4”

  1. 1 brooke March 12, 2014 at 9:04 pm

    Happy birthday to Eve!! Love 4! and those quotes are hilarious. each funnier then the next. though i did love “you are the laziest mom in charlotte” hahahaha

  2. 2 Anonymous March 13, 2014 at 1:59 pm

    no she’s not four. she’s not allowed to be bc she’s still baby eve! holy long hair! and the drawings? love. oh the quotes “don’t get a tattoo in college” hahahahahahahahaahhaaha. ‘i can do whatever i want’ hear that one too sadly. happy 4 eve!!!!

  3. 3 denise. March 13, 2014 at 1:59 pm

    oh & that anonymous reply above is from me, denise.

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